ICGN - International Coffee Genomic Network
About ICGN   |  Objectives / Mission
  • ICGN ultimate goal is to SEQUENCE THE COFFEE GENOME AND decipher the genetic and molecular bases of important biological traits in coffee tree species that are relevant to the growers, processers and consumers. This knowledge is fundamental to allow efficient use and preservation of coffee genetic resources for the development of improved cultivars in terms of quality and reduced economic and environmental costs.

  • ICGN represents an international commitment to work jointly for the development of common sets of genomic tools, plant populations and concepts.

  • Specific objectives include the formulation of a global and coordinated strategy for coffee genomics, the enhancement of collaborations between research institutions worldwide, the prevention of duplicated efforts, the production of added value through complementary partnerships, and the promotion of opportunities to fund the common research.

  • ICGN is committed to advancing genomic research through international partnerships for sustainable coffee production.

  • Facilitate information and resource sharing within the scientific community.

  • Provide to breeders molecular tools and relevant knowledge.

  • Access and share knowledge on genetics and the molecular basis of important traits.

  • Use and conserve genetic resources.

  • Ensure benefits to growers and consumers.

  • Ensure the sustainability of the coffee production chain (social, economical, environmental).

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