ICGN - International Coffee Genomic Network
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> Tasks of the Steering Committee
  • To propose medium and long term strategies.
  • To adopt and coordinate common set of specific activities.
  • To raise funds and to support research proposals.
  • To approve new memberships.
  • To promote the training of scientists.
  • To advise on IPR and legal issues.

> Steering Committee composition, Chair Philippe Lashermes (since September 2006)

 Working group representative

 Bioversity International
 Grower representation
 Consumer representation

6 (*) Charles Agwanda, Alan Andrade, H.L. Sreenath;         Thierry Leroy, Philippe Lashermes, L. Mueller
 Initial working group representatives in 2005, for current working group coordinators see working group link

 * 3 from producer country and 3 from consumer country

> Executive Secretary, Marcela Yepes (Cornell University, since September 2008)
  • Assists the steering committee in the preparation of proposals to international funding agencies.
  • Facilitates communication between network members.
  • Coordinates information exchange (mailing list, web pages, workshops, meetings…).

> Communication

This web site should serve as single virtual entry point to display all data generated from around the world for facilitating their utilization by the community. ICGN meetings will be organized in association with the ASIC International Coffee Science conferences, and the Plant and Animal Genome (PAG) ICGN Coffee Genomics Workshop.

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